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Angela Kling

Angela Kling

Meet Angela Kling, a current student at Gillette College, she has received the Tammy Hladky Foundation Scholarship, the Boundless Opportunity Scholarship, and the Tian and Mickey Doud Memorial Scholarship. These scholarships have meant the world to Angela, they have given her the finances to ensure she can continue her education and show her kids and grandkids they are never too old to learn new things. Angela is a single mother helping her single daughter raise her autistic/epileptic son. They both work part-time and do their very best to make sure he has as good of a life as he can. “We want to make sure he grows up in a house with love, respect, understanding, and with everything he needs.”

Angela is hoping to graduate in the fall of 2023 with her Associate in Business Administration, after that she is hoping to go on to receive her Bachelor’s in Business Administration. Angela says, that she can’t give specific names to any staff that has stood out but she would like to say that her instructors so far have been great, they are very understanding and very helpful when she needs it. Gillette College has taught Angela that we are here to assist the students with just about anything they could need help with. When asked what the best thing about Gillette College is, she stated “Staff!” Angela’s words of advice for future students are, “Never give up.”

Congratulations, Angela! The Gillette College Foundation is proud to recognize you as one of our scholarship recipients!