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Echo Roush

Echo Roush

Meet Echo Roush, she graduated from Gillette College in 2021 with her Associates Degree in Psychology, then in 2022 she received her Addictions Practitioner Certification. Echo has started her first semester at MSU-Billings, MT where she is currently in the Bachelor’s Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program, and working towards her LAC (Licensed Additions Counselor) and moving up from her CAPA to CAP. Echo would like to work as an Additions Counselor in a rehabilitation setting. Echo chose Gillette College because it was affordable, the location and we offered the degree she was interested in. She did a majority of her classes in person; she did live off campus due to being a non-traditional student with kiddos. Echo was into Active Minds while attending, “I was an active group member for two years and loved being able to help students and let others know they are not alone when it comes to mental health.” Echo’s favorite class was any of the Psychology classes with Scott Engle, she said “He was amazing.” English was another one of her favorite classes with Lisa Arhart. Her least favorite class was stats class, “sorry Beau Corkins.” Echo’s words of advice “Believe in yourself!” she walked into college the first week and told Susan Serge that, “I would not graduate.” There are so many amazing resources and support to help you be a successful college student. “The sky’s the limit!” Echo’s favorite thing about being a Gillette College alumnus is, “Once a Pronghorn, always a Pronghorn.” Echo is a single mother of two teenage boys, she was born and raised in Sheridan then they moved to Gillette in June 2013. She values achievement, authenticity, determination, contribution, faith, spirituality, and self-respect. Echo is a writer of poetry and randomness as she calls “jumbled thoughts and emotions”, she draws and does photography. Her 5- and 10-year goals are to graduate with a Masters, working as an addition counselor in Billings, MT and working towards self-sufficiency and buying her own home.

Thank you so much, Echo! The Gillette College Foundation is proud to recognize you as a Gillette College Alumna!