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Crysta Sullivan

Crysta Sullivan

Meet Crysta Sullivan, she graduated in 2015 with her Associates of Science General Studies and an Associates of Applied Science in Nursing. She was born in Butte, MT but was raised right here in Gillette. Her parents, brother, sister-in-law aunt, uncle, and cousins all live here. She says, “Gillette is definitely my home.” Crysta truly values treating everyone and everything with kindness and respect as well as prioritizing family in your everyday life. Crysta decided to attend Gillette College because the Nursing Program offered a great education that provided me the opportunity to start my nursing career. She did a mix of online and in person classes; her freshman year she took all in person classes and the nursing program was all in person, however, the classes that she needed to compete her bachelor’s degree concurrently were online through Gillette College and the University of Wyoming. Crysta states “I really enjoyed all of my classes; I love to learn.” Her favorite thing about being a college alumnus it has allowed her to be involved in the Gillette College community and potentially help any current or future students to stick through the hard times that will get better and give them opportunities for personal and professional growth. Crysta does give the future students some good advice, “I strongly encourage new students to utilize the resources available to you on campus, the writing center and tutor services can be so beneficial.” While, she was at Gillette College, she was a part of the nursing club, the honor society, and the community choir. She also enjoyed attending the different events that we have to offer. Crysta lived off campus with her parents to save money for when she returned to school to get her doctorate degree. Crysta just received her Doctorate of Nursing practice degree in August 2020, and is certified as family nurse practitioner and working in the community providing primary care. She recently just started a new position at Hoskinson Health and Wellness clinic that will provide her with the opportunity to expand her skills and knowledge as a primary care provider. She is a member of the Gillette Chamber Singers, and she loves singing with this awesome group. She loves spending time with her dogs, Olaf & Luna, and her cat, Tigger. “They are so goofy but so much fun”, she adds. Crysta’s 5- & 10-year goals are to grow into her role as a nurse practitioner and potentially complete further certifications for other options for care. She would also like to buy a house in this area.

Thank you so much, Crysta! The Gillette College Foundation is proud to recognize you as a Gillette College Alumna!