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Trey Hendrickson

Trey Hendrickson

Meet Trey Hendrickson!  He was awarded the Assoc. Students of Gillette Campus & The Robert P. McCreery Memorial Scholarships!  He was born and raised in Minnesota, loves outdoor activities, and is a father of four!  He is currently majoring in Nursing and Business, with plans to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing through the University of Wyoming.  In ten years, he hopes to become an Emergency Nurse Practitioner! 

Trey has expressed that these scholarships have helped him provide for his family, and that Gillette College has taught him to be the voice and face of adversity.  Trey believes one should stand up for what is right and make the difference.  His favorite thing about being a Gillette College student is taking part of this community and reaching his goals.  Congratulations, Trey!  The Gillette College Foundation is proud to recognize you as one of our scholarship recipients!